The Association

The Drehbuchverband Austria represents the interests of Austrian Screenwriters and is committed to improving the working conditions of Austrian screenwriters. Apart from sharing our expertise and know-how, keeping the community updated by regular newsletters, we also offer several other important services to members, such as an online data-base with information on all of our members, legal advice including financial support, networking with fellow members, as well as the use of our office as an information center for all sorts of interets of screen-writing.

The Drehbuchverband Austria was founded in 1989. Currently have nearly 90 members, the number is continously increasing. Membership is open to screenwriters who have written at least one produced full length feature script, Rookies bringing some experience or training are welcome to apply.



Lobby work

We protect the professional, copyright, and financial interests of individual members and assist them with legal advice and financial support.

“who wrote it”

Until recently the “teletext” of the Austrian Broadcasting Corperation ORF did not show the name of the screenwriter in the credits.Our succesful intervention on this issue represents just one example of our initiatives rasing awareness of the screenwriters among the broad public.

Contract check

Inspired by the German guild, we developed an extensive checklist for all possible contracts concerning scripts. This manual is prepared in cooperation with our lawyers. It provides comprehensive legal information on copyright and all the issues to be considered when signing a contract.

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